About LANA

A Texas native, Lana Adams is known to be a visionary at heart. Originally trained internationally in London, she established herself as one of the top respected artist in the fashion industry through her award winning standards. Her impressive ability to execute a distinct and refined style has exposed her to years of experience working on location and in studios across the country for retail giants like Neiman Marcus, Belks, JCPenny’s, Hadleigh’s and Land’s End. Lana’s dynamic work has been published in top magazines world-wide. In addition to print, she has also worked extensively on video and motion sets. Her work in this medium has been featured on French Vogue.comtheFashionisto.comDesignScene.net, and in Los Angeles' Shot on Red Film Festival.

Some of Lana’s celebrity clients included Donna KaranSharon StonePriscilla Presley , and Arnold Schwarzenegger. She also has worked with top photographer Nigel Barker and famous director Oliver Stone.


Her compassion has lead her to the mission field in Kenya, Belize and Honduras. Previously, Lana served as the founder of Speak Hope dedicated to giving clean water to familes in Sub-Sharan Africa. Currently she is serving on the team of Empower Dreams that partners with effectively run organizations to reach their maximun potential for the communitiies they serve.

For booking information please contact

Kim Dawson Agency;ask for James or Janice.

(214) 638-2414